Aware of the importance of botanicals in nutraceutical formulas and their traditional and scientifically recognized benefits for human kind well-being, ROELMI HPC’s approach aims at respecting Nature’s own principles and life cycle, focusing on both plant integrality as well as integrity. By adopting mild technologies which preserve the inner active phytochemical compounds, we provide an accomplished line of nutraceutical ingredients to meet customers’ demand for cardiometabolic well-being.

In this context, we developed a series of nutraceutical ingredients under the umbrella of our brand-new approach “The Empowerment of the ecosystem“. This is linked to the concept of a holistic approach to Nature and to human well-being, considering the whole system and not the single extract or the unique biological target. In this sense, by selecting the best phytocomplexes and by acting through different specific pathways, ROELMI HPC put in place a complete line of ingredients for the CVD prevention.

Discover our SelectSIEVE® Line, the phytocomplexes for cardiometabolic well-being:

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