Project Description

SelectSIEVE® Rainbow

The colorful nature for your body shape


SelectSIEVE®Rainbow is a synergy of natural compounds acting together in order to reduce both cellulite and body weight. The functional properties of its components are safe and well known.

  • Natural solution for body shape
  • Cellulite and weight management
  • Reduction of orange peel appearance
  • Improvement of microcirculation

What is it?

SelectSIEVE®Rainbow is a natural complex of anthocyanins from black rice, flavonoids from citrus fruits, fibers and proteolytic enzymes from kiwi and pineapple.

What does it do?

SelectSIEVE®Rainbow is a harmonic combination of friendly compounds. The interplay between polyphenols, fibers and enzymes provides a well-accomplished support in case of cellulitis, reduced microcirculation, water retention and increased subcutaneous fat mass. SelectSIEVE®Rainbow renovate your body shape helping you get rid of extra kg.

Biological target

People suffering from by cellulite and water retention.

Mechanism of action

SelectSIEVE®Rainbow, thanks to its unique profile of polyphenols, anthocyanins and enzymes, acts through a multifunctional approach.
It is able to induce the collagen synthesis, reduce the carbohydrates absorption, exert an anti-adipogenic activity and improve the microcirculation. These activities combined with the veinitonic, detoxifying and anti-edema properties, allow SelectSIEVE®Rainbow to counteract the cellulite and remodel the body shape.


  • Weight management