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  • ROELMI HPC – Between circular economy and green chemistry

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    In the past friday's edition of the Italian newspaper Il Sol...
  • Impresa per Bene 2022 – Renato Piatti Foundation

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    ROELMI HPC decided to sustain Fondazione Piatti and their ex...
  • ROELMI HPC – Pianeta 2030

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    ROELMI HPC is proud to have been included in the publication...
  • ROELMI HPC – Leader della sostenibilità 2022

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    ROELMI HPC is very proud to have been selected as one of the...
  • ROELMI HPC – Vanity Fair

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    We are honored to have been included in the press release fo...
  • Spotted: Corriere della Sera – Pianeta 2030

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    The celebration of the ecosystem empowerment keeps growing! ...