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An interactive dashboard allowing to easily detect the formulas of your interest, by choosing specific criteria such as market, formula benefits of selected ingredient.
The innovation from ROELMI HPC formula development is coming from the use of renewable sources and sustainable methods of work based on two technologies: Biotech and Nature.


Formula Name


Biotic-up your face

An untouchable moisturizing treatment that visibly calms irritation, strengthens skin’s barrier, and balances skin microbiota for a healthy and hydrated glow.

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Biotique boosting serum

A next-generation super serum with fast-repair action and youth-generating power. A unique jelly structure providing a pleasant texture. A booster of energy for skin ecosystem and microbiota well-being.

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After sport biotic milk

Rebalance your natural skin harmony after your daily sports routine. Thanks to the light and fresh texture, this lotion brings a quick hydration to the skin together with a fast absorption.

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Biotic hand cream

A luxurious hand balm formulated to provide intense nourishment and a protective film for extra-dry skin. Your daily relief treatment to strengthen skin barrier.

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Biotic essential lotion

An experience for your skin, the essence that combines tonic and serum proprieties. Light and fresh texture that maintains the perfect skin harmony.

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Biotic sunlit bronzer

Build your perfect sunkissed glow thanks to a light creamy compact powder. A velvety finish that gives you a natural-looking tan with subtle luminosity.

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