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An interactive dashboard allowing to easily detect the formulas of your interest, by choosing specific criteria such as market, formula benefits of selected ingredient.
The innovation from ROELMI HPC formula development is coming from the use of renewable sources and sustainable methods of work based on two technologies: Biotech and Nature.


Formula Name


Hydra glowing double serum

A radiance-revealing fluid moisturizer with fresh and comforting texture, which counteracts the signs of aging. Skin is replenished, even-toned, and beautifully radiant.

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Mediterranean toning solution

Renew and revitalize the face with the invigorating solution with 7% glycolic acid and a pool of Mediterranean extracts that offers mild exfoliation for improved skin radiance.

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Veil matt primer

An ideal potion that blurs the look of pores and fine lines and helps fight shine all day. With a soft and ultra-light texture and high-level mattifying properties, it is the perfect base before make-up.

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Lenitive oil

Moisturizing and nourishing oil that does not leave greasy or sticky skin. Thanks to its soothing properties, it is perfect after waxing treatment, in any area of ​​the body, even the most delicate and prone to irritation.

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Lipbalm mask

A lip balm that evolves into a precious leave-on mask that acts by deeply nourishing and plumping the lips. A real cosmetic treatment, the answer to all the needs of the lips, to smile from the first light of the morning

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Thick cleanser oil

Delicate cleanser with an innovative and multifunctional gel-oil texture, that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, by removing make-up and impurities. Enriched with active ingredients and plant extracts that also perform a powerful elasticizing and antioxidant action.

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