Project Description

SelectSIEVE® OptiChol

From the ancient italian tradition for healthy lifestyle


SelectSIEVE®OptiChol exerts a hypocholesterolemic effect, promoting a healthy cardiovascular system.

What is it?

SelectSIEVE®OptiChol is a phytochemical complex composed by balanced and highly standardized polyphenols from olive fruit. Derived from a circular economy involving only olive by-products of the variety Coratina, an Apulian native cultivar, it is particularly rich in hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol as main compounds. Those compounds are widely described in literature and recognized by EFSA for reducing oxidative stress, being active on lipid metabolism and protecting body cells or LDL from oxidative damages.

What does it do?

SelectSIEVE®OptiChol protects against LDL oxidative damages in case of high cholesterol levels in healthy people/borderline subjects.

*Prodotto non disponibile per il mercato italiano, per ulteriori informazioni contattateci.

Biological target

For subjects with border line values of LDL cholesterol, usually referred to as “bad” cholesterol.

Mechanism of action

SelectSIEVE®OptiChol favours an overall reduction of cholesterol levels, limiting cholesterol biosynthesis and increasing the total amount of LDL receptors (thus decreasing cholesterolemia). It is also highly effective in supporting HDL-cholesterol formation, which is commonly known as the “good” cholesterol.


Cardiovascular health