Meeting high standards markets requirements


ROELMI HPC adopts different knowledge-sharing methods, National and International standards to certify its way of life in Health & Personal care markets.


ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System

ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

ISO 22716:2007

Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

ISO 22000:2018

Food Safety Management Systems


Cosmetic Ingredients Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


Voluntary-based product certification in complying with Islamic rules of lawfulness (halal) in the agro-food, cosmetics and healthcare sectors.

Voluntary-based product certification in complying with Jewish rules in the nutraceutical and cosmetics sectors.

Internal self-monitoring HACCP procedure according to Reg. CE 178/2002 and Reg. CE 852/2004 for Nutraceutical & Food Raw Materials.

Plant authorization for the handling of animal by-products (Beeswax) or derived products for purposes outside the feed chain.

Plant authorization for the production and packaging of food supplements and foods for special medical purposes.

Products certified organic as per Reg. (UE) 2018/848.

Certified sustainable palm oil



Adoption of a CODE OF ETHICS established by voluntary base and performed with a proactive behavior. It is the reference document, the “Law” that drives any daily action. It applies to all ROELMI HPC employees all over the world.


Adoption of a Management, Organization and Control System pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 (so-called, “Model 231”) intended to enforce its Internal Control System. ROELMI HPC designed its MODEL 231 to make internal procedures more transparent with the aim of ensure the complete compliance with the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency in its relations with all stakeholders.


Adoption of an integrated policy for Quality, Environment & Safety constantly updated and adapted towards International standards, to guarantee the satisfaction of our Customers.