ROELMI HPC strongly focuses its activity on researching, designing, and producing high technological ingredients to reach the highest performing results in final formulas by offering the ethical and responsible choice for sustainable innovations. As a pioneer of sustainability-driven innovations, ROELMI HPC strictly adopts an approach directed to environmental preservation, towards the biodiversity safeguard and the use of renewable sources. All those drivers are collected together to live the market following our NIP® program concretely. People and environment safety are crucial components of our philosophy, moving every process and project development.

In this context, ROELMI HPC is pleased to announce the brand-new approach pursued ingredients development,“The Empowerment of the ecosystem”.

2022 will see the celebration of the  ecosystem understood as the union of several communities, which work in unison to improve the environment and human life. The term encompasses communities of living and non-living beings, our company wants to strengthen its footprint on the planet and the well-being of populations with “beauty” ingredients and nutraceuticals that improve psycho-physical health. We will celebrate the euphony behind our process and the resources we employ in our operations, capable of achieving the well-being of the ecosystem for the planet’s harmony. We are committed to this result to allow the development of compounds that respect the microbiome and the environment to achieve the well-being of the entire ecosystem, from the skin to the planet’s harmony.

Our ecosystem lives in every visible and invisible thing connecting a powerful nature able to bring our soul at the spring of human being. Closing your eyes you will feel it in the woods where lights wind blow or in the river reflecting a full moon dressed in veils of silk and gold. “The ecosystem empowerment” is therefore conceived to solemnize the importance of an ethereal beauty, to activate the ancestral senses while focusing on the  inclusivity and  uniqueness of the individuals. Meet our Queen of the ecosystem and let yourself be captured by a timeless memory while holding the tiny gem of sustainable beauty.

“Empower your ecosystem” is the hymn for sustainability flagged ROELMI HPC. A renewed hope and promise; the company’s attitude to promptly reply to the increasing demand for distinctive, sustainable experiences and the beauty industry’s evolution guide, walking the sustainable path and the road of innovation.