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Pills of Nutraceutical Sustainability

Good design is a sustainable design… Discover ROELMI HPC commitment in sustainability through Nutraceutical solution design!

Sustainability – Nutraceuticals

Development of ethical and inclusive networks based on biodiversity respect

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SelectSIEVE® Rainbow

The pot of gold for “orange-peel” skin treatment and body slimming

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SelectSIEVE® Apple PCQ

Apple’s versatility is such a wide thing, and the same goes for its valuable by-products, such as peels.

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Formula Development

Future steps in formula development inspired by sustainability

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Microbiome World

Microbiome… or microbiota? Don’t get lost and discover all the secrets from the microbiota neighborohood!

Microbiota neighborhood

Microbiome or Microbiota?

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#1 Microbiota supporter

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The star turn

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The rise of by-products

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The emerging place

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Full Spectrum Technology

Never heard about Full Spectrum Technology? Don’t miss the insights and be ready to embrace the innovation.

Full Spectrum Technology

Have you ever wondered which is the key molecule for your skin and joint health? Don’t you guess it?

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ExceptionHYAL® Star

Have you ever thought that there’s a dress you always wear and whose care is not an extra? Yes, it is…your skin!

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ExceptionHYAL® Jump

Bones and joints health is the key to our performances, throughout the life span. Support them with a precious ally!

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ExceptionHYAL® Relief

A  beautiful appearance is the reflection of a healthy status. Discover ExceptionHYAL® Relief and you will never come back!

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Indie beauty collection

Don’t miss our guide and stay up to date on the topic…

Who knows, maybe you can be the Indie brand of tomorrow!

The Phenomenon

Are you ready for diving into the Indie beauty mania?



Indie brands involve the end consumer firsthand, showing them what is behind the brand itself.



Can you imagine an equation where promise, real effectiveness, and sustainability are perfectly balanced?

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New rules for Indie Brands? Personalization and Disruption

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Indie Capsule Collection – Beauty Routine

With ROELMI HPC Indie collection Hydration is the the precious and proactive mate of your day.

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Indie Capsule collection – Lip Treatment

Take a look at Roelmi HPC Indie capsule collection for the lips treatment and you never come back!

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Indie Capsule collection – Shine Routine

ROELMI HPC Indie collection lends you its hand for following your steps and let you shine!

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Micro but with a Big impact…Discover all the insights on the microplastics inside the Cosmetic Industry.

Do you know where the microbeads are?

Do you know where the microplastics are?

Why Cometic industries use microbeads?

Why Cosmetic industries use microplastics?

The plastic come back to you…how?

The plastic comes back to you…how?

Restriction of intentionally added microplastics

Restriction of intentionally added microplastics

Restriction of intentionally added microplastics

How the beauty industries face the microbeads issue?

Restriction of intentionally added microplastics

Rinse-off product alternatives

Restriction of intentionally added microplastics

Leave-on product alternatives

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