Ceramides are very famous ingredients used in cosmetics. Being a heterogeneous group of sphingolipids, they exert an important role in the construction of the stratum corneum and its barrier ability. Recognizing the significance of ceramides in skin health, the skincare industry has embraced their inclusion in various products. Ceramide-rich moisturizers, serums, and creams can be beneficial for those with dry, sensitive, or compromised skin. These products can help restore the skin’s barrier function and alleviate issues like dryness, redness, and inflammation.

ROELMI HPC’ Laboratories gave birth to an unsung heroes of skincare, working silently beneath the surface to keep our skin healthy: CeraFluid®.
CeraFluid® which shows high compatibility with skin components thanks to its natural delivery system from olive glycerides, acts as biocompatible building blocks to joint skin cells. improving skin smoothness and elasticity. It helps to restore the barrier effect leading to a protection versus dehydration and lipoperoxidation. Increased skin compatibility and penetration of the synergy olive glycerides-ceramides improves bioavailability to deliver faster moisturizing effects deeper into the skin.

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