Project Description


The skin-friendly architect


CeraFluid® diminishes in vivo the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity as well as skin smoothness.
From the formulation point of view, standard Ceramides are ingredients requiring high process temperatures (above 90°C), and solubility to be efficient. CeraFluid is different & unique! A natural oily solvent based on pure components isolated from olive oil (purified tri-& di-glycerides) allows CeraFluid® to be available for cosmetic formulations: it is in liquid form already at 40 °C and it can be easily formulated with all kind of natural oils.


Natural epidermal barrier is partly composed by lipidic layers regulating TEWL and general moisture balance.These layers are composed of ceramides (40%), free fatty acids (25%) and cholesterol (25%).
As in a protecting wall, corneocytes skin cells form the bricks of this skin barrier, hold together by a “lipidic cement”. Elasticity and firmness depend on the moisture content of this layer (”horny layer”).

What is it?

CeraFluid® is an exceptional biodisponible liquid ceramide, easy to use, and showing the highest compatibility with skin components thanks to its natural olive glycerides base.

What does it do?

CeraFluid® acts as a biocompatible cement to joint skin cells in a fluid, elastic mode, improving skin smoothness and elasticity, and helps to restore the barrier effect leading to a protection versus dehydration and lipoperoxidation.

Biological target

Dry and very dry skins progressively form wrinkles, distending the junctions between skin cells. Ceramides provide improved adhesion among corneocytes, thus regulating skin barrier for long-term water retention, and protecting it from external environment. Ceramides form a non-occlusive protective barrier, reduce water loss damages and show no negative influence on cells’ physiology

Mechanism of action

The Ceramide element reinforces the horny layer skin wall to retain moisture within the skin, keeping the skin moisturized all the time. Increased skin compatibility and penetration of the synergy olive glycerides-ceramides improves bioavailability to deliver faster moisturizing effects deeper into the skin.


  • Anti-aging / firming
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Anti-wrinkles / Preage
  • Hydration (long term)
  • Skin cohesion