The beneficial role of extra-virgin olive oil consumption is well established and often associated to a lower incidence of CVD, thanks to its strong antioxidant capacity. The present work aims at presenting the evidence of the effectiveness of a new food supplement ingredient, based on highly standardized polyphenols from olive oil by-products, targeting hypercholesterolemia conditions.
Derived from a circular economy involving only Mediterranean olive by-products, it is dedicated to the control of unbalanced levels of cholesterol, leading to satisfactory benefits in reducing oxidative stress and systemic inflammatory levels. A series of in-vitro and clinical tests will be described as a support of the scientific background of the ingredient.

From the historical expertise of ROELMI HPC at the service of the Life Science sector, with its entrepreneurial roots in the long Mediterranean tradition, and from the spirit of sustainable innovation and deep technological knowledge, SelectSIEVE® OptiChol has been developed.

It is a natural active ingredient intended for nutraceutical applications for the promotion of a healthy cardiovascular system, through the balance of cholesterol levels by decreasing LDL and boosting HDL.

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