For decades it has been known that olive polyphenols (Olea europaea) have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and in the prevention of different chronic degenerative diseases. These healthy properties are related antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activity, hypoglycaemic and hypolipidaemic exercised by the active compounds naturally available in the fruit.

SelectSIEVE® OptiChol is a phytochemical complex composed by balanced and highly standardized polyphenols from olive fruit. Derived from a circular economy involving only olive by-products of the variety Coratina, an Apulian native cultivar, it is particularly rich in hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol as main compounds.

SelectSIEVE® OptiChol is able to protect against LDL oxidative damages in case of high cholesterol levels in healthy people/borderline subjects. The polyphenols of the olive are able to act on different biochemical pathways, responsible of endogenous synthesis and of the absorption of cholesterol.

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