ROELMI HPC provides an accomplished line of nutraceutical ingredients to meet customers’ demand for well-being, walking the sustainable path and innovation road, to reach the highest performing results in final formulas. People and environment safety are crucial components of ROELMI HPC philosophy (NIP® Program), moving every process and project development.

An engineering technology represented by a specific molecular sieve is put in place to obtain a comprehensive portfolio of health dietary supplements pillars by respecting and preserving the ecosystem. A set of soft processes permits to select a pool of compounds with specific biological benefits.
It is in this context, that ROELMI HPC presents SelectSIEVE® Line. Designed to preserve Nature’s essence, it is a range of scientifically studied botanical complexes, able to modulate specific conditions and discomforts in people daily life. Due to a specific process of selection, these ingredients are able to act on several cellular biochemical cascades, resulting in a complete and well defined activityage on the epithelium.

An example of ROELMI HPC’s commitment in offering ethical and performing nutraceutical ingredients is represented by SelectSIEVE® Zen, the brand-new botanical synergy dedicated to promote mental relaxation and emotional well-being. SelectSIEVE® Zen is designed to target conditions of stress and anxiety helping mental relaxation and mood improvement. It improves sleep quality and induces a sensation of peace of mind, while giving new energy to tackle every day’s difficulties.

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