Project Description

SelectSIEVE® Zen

Peace of mind


SelectSIEVE® Zen is an eco-sustainable approach to mental relaxation and mood improvement.

It improves sleep quality and induces a sensation of relax and serenity while give new energy to tackle every days difficulties.

Dosage: 300mg a day

Delivery forms: capsules, tablets, sachets, sticks, drinks, syrups, shakes, functional food.

What is it?

SelectSIEVE® Zen is a phytochemical complex of balanced active compounds from Holy Basil, Lemon Balm and Elderberry wisely combined to have a complete activity on mental wellness.

It perfectly integrates the principles of sustainable development with botanicals coming from vertical farming, local supply chain and uncontaminated fields not touched by pesticides and herbicides.

What does it do?

SelectSIEVE® Zen active molecules work on modulation of biochemical pathways involved in body answer to stress reducing cortisol release and increasing endorphin production.

These activities induce a positive modulation of mood, reducing anxiety, tension and anger improving at the same time vigor and serenity, this also promotes a beneficial effect on sleep quality.

Mechanism of action

SelectSIEVE® Zen helps to induce calmness and relaxation increasing GABA circulation, and working on hypotalamic-pytutary-adrenal axis reducing cortisol release. It improves memory and neuroplasticity (inhibition of Ach-T) and promotes a positive mood thanks to the reduction of MAO (Monoamine oxidase) activity.
It favours the cognitive function through the antioxidant activity exerted in the neurons.


  • Modulation of hypothalamic pituitary - adrenal - axis: cortisol and endorphins release
  • Calibration of body answer to stress
  • Evaluation of stress perception
  • Mood modulation
  • Measurement of sleep quality


  • Positive mood promotion
  • Stress management
  • Sleep quality