The upper layer of the skin is the most important barrier of the body and is naturally composed of three essential components: fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol, these are lipids that make the skin waterproof giving it its most important property. But what if this lipid component changes or decreases?
With season change, we often find ourselves using the skincare products we love most but we realize that they no longer work well on our skin.

The reason of this phenomenon is to be found in colder temperatures that lead the skin to produce less sebum and to be more dehydrated this process results into skin disorders such as inflammation, redness or itching.
But how do you protect our skin from this Season Exposome?
It is necessary to use products a little richer in lipids and, above all, it is necessary to reconstitute the skin barrier with the use of vegetable alternatives to cholesterol such as PhytoSerene.

PhytoSerene is ROELMI HPC ‘s approach to counteract the damage induced on the skin barrier by Skin Exposome with a Dermomimetic target.
It represents an active ingredient that can mimic the function of cholesterol naturally present in the skin. Cholesterol plays an important role in maintaining skin health and the same goes for PhytoSerene in fact, if applied locally it is able to reduce the inflammatory processes and the skin redness related to them and to fortify our skin barrier.

In vivo studies show that PhytoSerene is able to reduce TEWL (transepidermal water loss) by over 83% by protecting skin subjected to chemical stress (SLS) that alters normal barrier function.
The same studies show evident redness of the skin due to the irritation of the chemical agent were volunteers treated with PhytoSerene manifest a significant reduction in redness compared to placebo.
The restoration of the skin barrier is the secret to isolate our skin from the Season Exposome which, day after day, induces irreversible damage.