Vitafoods Europe was launched in 1997 to meet the growing demands of the emerging nutraceutical industry. Back then, the annual gathering sees a truly global audience covering the entire nutraceutical supply chain, from beginning to end. The exhibition, conference and networking events form the perfect ecosystem for businesses to thrive and forge long term collaborations, enrich their understanding and initiate critical conversations around the most pressing issues concerning the health and nutrition industry. 2022 edition will take place with an hybrid format following this schedule:

10th – 12th of May 2022: In person event at Palaexpo in Geneva
2nd – 13th of May 2022: Online event

ROELMI HPC is glad to join and invite you to this inspiring event; our philosophy behind nutraceuticals is to focus on prevention, our ingredient portfolio has a specific role in human nutrition and is one of the most important areas of investigation for our R&D Laboratories. Our ingredients have attracted considerable interest due to their potential nutritional, safety, and therapeutic effects. These products have a relevant role in a plethora of biological processes, including antioxidant defenses, cell proliferation, gene expression, and safeguarding of mitochondrial integrity.