Esters are one of the most used ingredients to transform and revolutionize texture features and, the market is constantly searching for more groundbreaking and environmentally friendly opportunities. Looking ahead, modern trends of ethereal and clean beauty are requiring formulas in line with the expectations of health conscious consumers. The paper aims at presenting a range of emollient agents rooted in the wisdom of nature: where food by-products and renewable sources are involved to create high performing cosmetic raw materials through different Mediterranean-based supply chains.

The formulation chemist needs to be able to provide products that meet consumer preferences on the source of raw materials and customer demands in terms of performance. As the demand for unique sensorial experience increases, the challenges are also increasing. Consumer demands for all-natural beauty products put pressure on formulators to find appropriate natural ingredients that perform similarly to traditional chemistries.

Thanks to a unique sensorial ability and versatility in use, combined with a natural origin and a remarkable sustainable character, ROELMI HPC’ s esters can be the ingredients that make the difference in the toolbox of each formulator. Alone or in synergy they make new generation cosmetics highly sophisticated representing a chance to formulate in light of industry and customer “clean” and “green” trends.

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