A clear investigation on the interaction between cosmetic ingredients and skin ecosystem considering skin safety and efficacy of good-for-microbiota formulas. A preservative system is absolutely required for consumer safety; will it interact with probiotic-derived ingredients aiming at microbiota care? Discover our approach for a 360° consideration of our skin inhabitants.

Healthy microbiota means healthy skin. We discovered a new ecosystem, a new part of our body and we need to take care of it, just like we do with others.
Prevention of skin diseases and protection from external factors are daily activities that make a difference in terms of life quality. The goal is to maintain our microbiota in its natural condition; a lasting modification can be, in fact, a sign of dysbiosis and disease.

The other smart card that we can play is choosing cosmetics that are scientifically proven to respect the skin inhabitants and do not affect the intactness of their environment. Now that you have the right tools… let’s build-up and empower all the 50+ shades of your skin ecosystem!

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