Making Cosmetics is a consolidated event in the cosmetics sector and an unmissable opportunity for professionals who intend to find out what are the latest trends in terms of new technologies and regulatory reforms, but also to know in advance and have the exclusivity on the unprecedented strategies of formulation, up to the possibility of deepening which are the most effective marketing strategies and the recent evolutions undertaken by companies operating in this market in terms of environmental sustainability.

Wait… that’s not over!

in-Vitality is back! The event, created for nutraceutical operators in Italy, answers the companies’ need for B2B opportunities in the nutraceutical field. Despite the pandemic, the supplement market has seen a slight growth trend on online channels. Even raw materials companies have chosen to adopt new strategies and be present both online and face to face.

ROELMI HPC is very glad to take part in the event, getting the best of both worlds while proposing innovation-driven approaches for the Cosmetic and Nutraceutical field of application.
Clear your agenda for our double appointment:

  • TechFocus InVitality
    Date: 25th November – 10:30 AM
    Topic: “Nutraceutical actives for body & mind balance in the post-pandemic era”
  • TechFocus Making Cosmetics
    Date: 25th November 2021 – 2:30 PM
    Topic: “Probiotics-derived ingredients for Cosmetic Application”

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