In a dynamic and lively situation that characterizes the cosmetics and nutraceuticals market, science represents the key element underlying the evolution and revolution of innovation. The continuous scientific evidence on the different biological mechanisms underlying well-being opens the doors to increasingly specific and targeted treatments for each individual application, without forgetting to pursue an ethical result from the point of view of safety for the environment and for the user .

Full Spectrum HA has been tested in several clinical studies, both as a cosmetic and nutraceutical ingredient, focusing on specific activities linked to the specificity of molecular weight compositions. With an IN&OUT approach, ROELMI HPC then studied in detail the synergistic activity of the two ingredients on the beauty of the skin, mainly evaluating healthy aging. The hydration and elasticity of the skin were not only improved when the cosmetic product and nutraceutical were taken together, but the results increased over time, showing a real change in the structure of the skin. The impact on the organism, therefore, translates into a physiological change, improving the tissues from the inside, making them “younger” and more active.

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