A shift in attitudes has helped to foster a culture of preventative care, where many consumers consider it important to prioritize their mental wellness in addition to their physical wellness and take action to deal with stress, depression and anxiety. The strategies that consumers are following in this segment may vary depending on demographic and psychographic factors.

Achieving an active lifestyle has become a focus to prevent non-communicable diseases. However, this can be obtained not just by achieving but by sustaining these healthy habits. The key aspects to considering for companies working on the active lifestyle space seem to be: a holistic and preventative approach to health , scientifically validated claims, awareness of the impact of the product effectiveness based on consumption and behavioral patterns, and personalization of nutrition and exercise solutions.Health innovations able to integrate all the above dimensions might position themselves as the preferable option among consumers. Companies should switch their perspective from providing health products, to personalized health solutions from a multidisciplinary approach.

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