In the last two years, the pandemic scenario has increasingly boosted customers’ interest in gut health. Indeed, they became more and more aware of the interlinkage of their digestive health with immunity system and consequently with general well-being. Since consumers become more educated and transform their approach to digestive health into a more proactive one, it becomes crucial for the supplements industry to readapt and appropriately respond adequately to consumers’ wishes to ride the way.

Digestive health field seems to be a high potential cluster of the nutraceutical market, with the opportunity to touch different sub-categories, supporting health in different ways. Indeed, the digestive system is vast and differentiated and asks for multifaceted and complementary solutions to be supported.
Probiotics perfectly suit this market segment due to all their beneficial properties recorded over the years. Indeed, probiotics are globally recognized for their positive effects on gut health and digestion, and now research is redefying the gut’s role as the center of wellness and wellbeing. As a result, ROELMI HPC has designed and developed several probiotic ingredients, SynBalance® Line, to confirm the correlation between gastrointestinal colonization and persistence with long-term beneficial effects.

Digestive health is not only a matter of gut flora, and the proper consolidation of axes between the gut and other body districts, such as the brain, also passes through the integrity and wellbeing of mucosae. Thanks to years of scientific research and trying to release the practical solution to support mucosal health through a biological-like stimulation, ROELMI HPC released ExceptionHYAL® Relief, a full spectrum of hyaluronans for the promotion of gastrointestinal epithelium integrity, and wellbeing. The innovation beard by ExceptionHYAL® product, featured by the 2.0 generation hyaluronans, lays in the complete spectrum of HAs molecular weight, which mimics what naturally occurs in human tissues.

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