The Women’s Entrepreneurship Committee (CIF) promoted by our Chamber of Commerce of Varese , is organizing a conference on female entrepreneurship and the circular economy entitled “Feminine is circular: women protagonists of the transition to green business.

The manufacturing industry makes significant contributions to economic growth. However, the over-exploitation of natural resources through industrial production exacerbates existing inequalities and social vulnerabilities. If planned carefully, transition to the green industry can promote a future that supports environmental sustainability and gender equality. In this context, gender equality and environmental sustainability are two sides of the same coin – both women and the environment are essential in designating inclusive and sustainable economies. Green-energy transitions provide opportunities to tackle systemic gender discrimination and enable societies to reap the benefits of a more diverse workforce.

ROELMI HPC is very proud to join the conversation and sharing its experience with our CEO , Rosella Malanchin. Energy transitions are essential to limit global warming and build a more sustainable future. Achieving them is in everyone’s interest. As countries embark on “building back better” after COVID-19, energy transition strategies should be a key element in any stimulus package. And they will be far more likely to succeed if women play a central role.