Cosmetorium, the premier event for the cosmetics and personal care industry, is back in 2023 in the amazing Barcelona! This annual gathering of beauty professionals, scientists, and industry leaders promises to be a captivating showcase of the latest trends, innovations, and breakthroughs in the world of cosmetics. Set to take place in one of the most Europe’s vibrant cities, Cosmetorium 2023 is the event that beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike have been eagerly awaiting.

Cosmetorium offers a unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Whether you’re a cosmetics professional, scientist, entrepreneur, or simply a beauty enthusiast, attending this event can prove to be a game-changer for your career or business. In an industry driven by innovation and creativity, staying informed about the latest trends and breakthroughs is essential. Cosmetorium not only delivers on this front but also creates an environment conducive to networking, learning, and collaboration.

ROELMI HPC Team will be present at the event, together with our partner AmitaHC Iberia to present a collection of outstanding texture enhancers. Prepare to be inspired by an extraordinary array of textures born from the harmony of eco-responsible upcycling practices and the cultivation of sustainable local crops. This remarkable collection is the fruition of unwavering dedication to pioneering, top-tier emollients. This is biomimicry at its finest, designed for specific applications that transcend the ordinary.

Get ready to witness the future of beauty unfold before your eyes: 18th of October at 1:30 PM – ROOM 6