On May 26, 2022, a day dedicated to the Bioeconomy and the circular economy will be held throughout Italy, organized by the national cluster SPRING. The Bioeconomy Day will be an opportunity to talk about and explore the characteristics and opportunities offered by the circular economy, in the various sectors. The day includes the alternation of events, initiatives and demonstrations in different cities throughout the country.

ROELMI HPC will join the event with an educational happy hour for its employees and partners under the theme of the Enhancement of the ecosystem and the protection of biodiversity in the production of raw materials for the Health & Personal Care market. During the event, the topic of the bioeconomy will be discussed starting with training on the Green Deal moving on to a focus on the ecosystem and the biodiversity correlate to it. The event will deeply investigate the legislative innovations, the company’s approaches to these issues, and the concrete actions that everyone can put into practice every day to improve these aspects.