Beauty Innovation Days a formative and business-oriented congress for professionals in the cosmetic and personal care industry. It gathers a wide range of companies once per year along the cosmetic value chain. International experts view cosmetic science and innovation, trends, and market research in each edition. The event will be a hybrid event from 21 to 25 of February with an intense program of events and live sessions.

ROELMI HPC is pleased to join the event together with its partner AmitaHC Iberia with an eye open to following the drop for ecosystem empowerment: Balancing resources to create harmony.

The cosmetic market is booming with a real revolution regarding microorganisms’ “micro” world. Skin microbiota, already in the cosmetic spotlight, seems to be the key to achieve long-term skin well-being and to prevent skin aging.
The microorganisms, which represent the main cosmetic target, now become the must-have ingredient for each formula thanks to the probiotic properties well investigated by the nutraceutical point of view. EquiBiotics LRh represents the revolutionary ROELMI HPC’s approach that aims to take care of the skin, considered an ecosystem of dynamic balances to be preserved.