Repairing body balm

This body balm melts deliciously into the skin and it absorbs easily, providing instant comfort so that skin stays soothed and comforted all day.

Repairing body balm2021-04-13T12:19:58+02:00

Super Supreme Butter

A concentrated body butter, infused with Mediterranean botanical extracts, that absorbs quickly without leaving behind a greasy feel, promising to turn dry, dehydrated skin into beautifully soft, supple skin from head to toe.

Super Supreme Butter2021-04-19T18:00:17+02:00

Extra comfort body butter

A retexturizing and nourishing daily body butter, enriched with innovative Ceramides, that reveals visibly smoothed skin.

Extra comfort body butter2021-04-13T12:14:05+02:00

Refresh your body

Body spray that energizes, refreshes and leaves a soft and silky skin feel. Thanks to its microbiota-friendly components, it gives an immediate and lasting sensation of relief and freshness.

Refresh your body2021-04-13T11:46:39+02:00

Tutti frutti fix make-up

Perfect for giving a shiny skin finish, it leaves skin glowing with subtle shimmer particles. The spray can be used alone for a natural dewy glow, or over makeup for a sparkling touch.

Tutti frutti fix make-up2021-04-13T11:42:04+02:00

Hydration facial toner

This restorative toner helps refine surface texture while proving soothing relief together with an enhanced radiance to skin.

Hydration facial toner2021-04-13T11:38:27+02:00

Nourishing cloud

A skin cuddle with this face moisturizing spray for instant hydration together with a fresh feel. Ideal upon awakening or during the day, it immediately restores healthy and radiant skin.

Nourishing cloud2021-04-13T11:33:05+02:00

Air butter

A pleasant butter with an ultra-light texture designed for mature and dry skin that needs daily and deep hydration. It protects, nourishes and illuminates the face, like a daily beauty gesture.

Air butter2021-03-31T09:32:25+02:00

Detox cream gel

Light and fresh gel-cream, suitable for stressed and oily skin. An easily absorbed texture with detox and anti-age properties.

Detox cream gel2021-02-10T16:38:11+01:00

Hydra Slim Water

An active moisturizing water to hydrate and tone the legs, with a fresh effect. A water bomb that regenerates your tired or heavy legs.

Hydra Slim Water2020-10-22T10:10:11+02:00