Strobe Gel

Illuminating body gel, created to make your skin shine. Ideal to intensify the tan giving light to your complexion. Thanks to its gel texture, it gently refreshes the skin.

Strobe Gel2020-10-22T09:56:19+02:00

Hydra illuminating sorbet cream

This ultra-fresh hydrating moisturizer is infused with natural ingredients to nurture the skin, support its natural moisturizing ability, and reinforce balance. The sorbet créme-gel texture offers a breathtaking refreshing effect, invigorating skin with long-lasting hydration.

Hydra illuminating sorbet cream2021-02-10T17:48:56+01:00

Heavy Leg Spray

Refreshing and regenerating formulation for tired legs. A spray that improves body slimming effect and overall skin elasticity and microcirculation. A faster and more effective solution for an immediate and pleasant well-being.

Heavy Leg Spray2020-06-11T10:52:53+02:00

Turbo Body Cream

A milk-cream, with ultra-light texture and ultra-rich hydration effect, that prepares the skin for sunlight exposure. Ideal as a body cream for dry skin, without weighing it down.

Turbo Body Cream2023-07-26T09:50:13+02:00

Lip Hydro Plump Treatment

A powerful moisturizing lip treatment designed to save dry and chapped lips for a soft, hydrated, and kissable effect. Something to rely on daily.

Lip Hydro Plump Treatment2020-06-16T11:18:47+02:00

Sweet aqua spray

A spray enriched with Mediterranean extracts that gently refreshes your face and body during all day.

Sweet aqua spray2020-02-25T16:45:20+01:00

After sun recovery cream

A highly nourishing after-sun cream for face and body. This formula restores the essential hydration helping the skin regain its natural balance.

After sun recovery cream2023-01-03T11:02:59+01:00

Hydrating and purifying clay mask

This mask purifies the skin, minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections . The creamy clay is transformed into a fine foam when rinsed to gentlye liminate impurities. The skin looks velvety and hydrated.

Hydrating and purifying clay mask2023-01-03T11:03:22+01:00

Re-fresh after spray sport

A spray enriched with Mediterranean extracts that gently refreshes your face and body after sporting activity. Especially designed for rebalance skin microbiota after external stresses.

Re-fresh after spray sport2023-01-03T11:03:23+01:00

Foaming bath cream

This delicate bath cream will make your skin smoother after a single shower. A relaxing moment after a busy day that embrace you as a bubble cuddle.

Foaming bath cream2023-01-03T11:03:31+01:00