Project Description


The oak-strong base to reinforce your skin


Regenerative actions, to stimulate and activate skin tissues. MeristeM especially targets pain processes before or after stress, for a relieved & naturally beautiful skin.


Symbol of strength and endurance, the oak tree (quercus robur – from Latin “strong oak”) is a tall deciduous tree common in forests throughout all Europe.
Its roots contain large quantities of MeristeM, a formative tissue specific to plants, and presenting all the qualities of a young, regenerating pool of cells.

What is it?

MeristeM is a botanical extract of oak roots growth tissue (meristem) that only relies on the use of water as a solvent.Plant meristem cells are rich in substances physiologically active to support and protect cell growth. They are especially rich in phenylpopanoids that play a very important role in defending the plant against external stresses.

What does it do?

MeristeM is known in cosmetics for its effective antioxidant effect (protecting the skin from daily damaging free radicals), for its anti-irritant, soothing properties, as well as for its astringent, skin contracting capacity.

Biological target

When face appears tired, stressed and sensitive, with a dull tone due to a lack of vitality, the need for a pain-free moment, protective and soothing effect with a regenerating treatment imposes itself!

Mechanism of action

Meristematic cells are rich in secondary plant metabolites (phenylpropanoids) that help responding to stresses such as wounding, UV or pollutants. Their protective action (through antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties) is due to their molecular structure as well as a strong chelating affinity for metals. MeristeM principles inhibit the release of pain nervous mediator PGE2 through an antagonist action on TRPV3 nociceptive system (opening Ca2+ flow and activating several signal pathways, like cyclogenase), responsible for skin acute nociception & hyperalgesia.


  • Skin regeneration
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin inflammation