Biotic hand cream

A luxurious hand balm formulated to provide intense nourishment and a protective film for extra-dry skin. Your daily relief treatment to strengthen skin barrier.

Biotic hand cream2021-09-16T16:05:45+02:00

Hand defense cream

This hand cream gives immediate relief and protection to extremely dry or chapped hands. Even in the most extreme conditions, it leaves your hands visibly softer and smoother.

Hand defense cream2021-09-07T11:31:35+02:00

Moisturizing and sanitizing hand cream

Shields can be gentle, too. This soothing hand cream keeps your hands baby-soft while getting rid of germs on the go. Moments of wellbeing directly in the palm of your hand.

Moisturizing and sanitizing hand cream2020-06-11T11:23:20+02:00

Hands up

A protective cream which provides hydration for a softer and smoother hands. Redness and irritations are soothed as skin becomes more resistant to environmental aggressors.

Hands up2020-12-10T17:15:57+01:00

One minute hand scrub

This exfoliant hand cream is perfect to gently eliminate dead skin cells. Your hands are left incredibly soft and the nail area becomes perfectly neat.

One minute hand scrub2021-01-27T15:21:47+01:00

Nail and cuticle rescue balm

This balm is designed to help soothe and repair dry and irritated cuticles, keeping healthy cuticles nourished and protected.

Nail and cuticle rescue balm2019-10-29T15:38:38+01:00

Protective hand cream

A rich and moisturizing cream for hands and nails that provides a silky finish and lasting comfort.

Protective hand cream2019-09-05T09:15:28+02:00
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