Foaming bath cream

This delicate bath cream will make your skin smoother after a single shower. A relaxing moment after a busy day that embrace you as a bubble cuddle.

Foaming bath cream2019-08-07T09:14:18+02:00

Milky bath oil

A gentle soap-free cleanser especially formulated for delicate and sensitive skins, which gently cleanses, lipid-replenishes and soothes. It leaves a pleasant soft after feel.

Milky bath oil2019-07-31T14:55:47+02:00

Delicate shower

Delicate shower gel contains a unique formula of gentle surfactants and conditioners to cleanse, soften and nourish the skin. Especially indicated for babies with sensitive skin.

Delicate shower2019-07-31T15:03:01+02:00
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