Fruity Sun Protection SPF30

A fast-absorbing, lightweight broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen dedicated for face and body and formulated to efficiently protect from sun exposure damages.

Fruity Sun Protection SPF302022-10-21T16:31:00+02:00

Coco Suncream SPF15

Formulated with physical UV filters, this sunscreen formula is characterized by a dry touch thanks to a pool of sustainable esters and it is a performing remedy in case of excessive sun exposure.

Coco Suncream SPF152022-10-21T16:28:29+02:00

Refresh your skin cream

Regenerating after sun cream that provides the skin with intensive hydration and lenitive skin effect after acute stress. It helps to repair the skin and replenish lost moisture.

Refresh your skin cream2022-07-29T09:14:45+02:00

Face sun protection SPF15

It defends the skin from the damaging effects of UVA / UVB rays, by promoting a gradual and uniform tan and preventing from sunburn and dryness. A good moisturizing effect without leaving visible traces or a feeling of heaviness.

Face sun protection SPF152021-09-07T14:55:49+02:00

All day sun stick SPF25

Ultra-practical and super-softening stick, which gives medium face protection. Thanks to its pocket size, you can always carry it with you. Also suitable for the most exposed and vulnerable areas (nose, lips, eye contour).

All day sun stick SPF252021-09-07T14:50:37+02:00

Sun protection Stick SPF 30

Practical sun stick designed for a comfortable application with light and non-sticky texture. It creates an effective protective veil that defends the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays with a simple gesture.

Sun protection Stick SPF 302020-10-22T10:24:46+02:00

After sun recovery cream

A highly nourishing after-sun cream for face and body. This formula restores the essential hydration helping the skin regain its natural balance.

After sun recovery cream2023-01-03T11:02:59+01:00

Lip treatment sunscreen SPF50

An hydrating and smoothing lip balm that offers color on your lips with lasting moisture and high sun protection.

Lip treatment sunscreen SPF502023-01-03T11:03:01+01:00

Super tanning dry oil

Ideal for an ultra-fast tropical tan. The oil is easily absorbed, non-greasy and can be applied to the face and protect the hair from sun. SFP 10.

Super tanning dry oil2023-01-03T11:03:04+01:00

Sun protective cream

Sun cream with a very high sun protection factor (SPF 50+), formulated to prevent the cellular damage from over exposure with particular attention to skin micro-enviroment.

Sun protective cream2023-01-03T11:03:30+01:00