Baby Barrier Cream

An invert emulsion targeting baby care hat helps to soothe sensitive and delicate skin, while protecting it from diaper irritation. It leaves a dry skin feel together with a pleasant sensation of restoration.

Baby Barrier Cream2022-10-21T15:58:27+02:00

Clear Baby Shampoo

Delicate shampoo ideal for baby hair cleansing. Thanks to a lenitive ingredient inside, the formula is designed also to perfectly soften and nourish the baby’s scalp.

Clear Baby Shampoo2022-10-21T15:19:56+02:00

Lenitive baby butter

Formula that helps to restore skin to its natural balance of the skin's lipid barrier, even in sensitive or compromised skin. It takes care of dry and easily irritated skin of the little babies, nourishing it deeply.

Lenitive baby butter2021-09-07T11:44:09+02:00

Baby protection cream

A protective cream ideal for your baby's body skin. An effective remedy for sore skin and protect it against further soreness. Indicated for delicate skin.

Baby protection cream2019-10-30T12:32:08+01:00

Baby body cream

A fluid formula ideal for your baby's body. This cream strengthens the skin barrier and leaves the skin feeling silky, supple and even softer.

Baby body cream2019-07-31T14:51:07+02:00

Baby cleansing milk

This baby cleansing milk softens, moisturizes and cleanses your baby's skin. Ideal to care for sensitive and delicate skin types; it has protective effects after washing or bathing.

Baby cleansing milk2019-07-31T14:53:56+02:00

Baby moisturizing cream

This rich cream soothes and softens your baby's irritated skin. Infused with Ceramides, it intensely reconstructs and moisturizes to help strengthen the skin's natural barrier function. Main uses body and face.

Baby moisturizing cream2019-08-07T11:35:21+02:00

Milky bath oil

A gentle soap-free cleanser especially formulated for delicate and sensitive skins, which gently cleanses, lipid-replenishes and soothes. It leaves a pleasant soft after feel.

Milky bath oil2019-07-31T14:55:47+02:00

Baby shampoo

Delicate baby shampoo which contains a unique formula of gentle surfactants, lenitive ingredients and skin conditioners to cleanse, soften and nourish the baby scalp.

Baby shampoo2022-07-27T16:18:11+02:00

Delicate shower

Delicate shower gel contains a unique formula of gentle surfactants and conditioners to cleanse, soften and nourish the skin. Especially indicated for babies with sensitive skin.

Delicate shower2019-07-31T15:03:01+02:00