Pury Action Mask

Mask designed to instantly eliminate impurities and toxins, tighten pores, renew and refine skin texture, even out, purify stressed skin. The deep cleanser, based on green clay, suitable for all skin types. How to use: Apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove with warm water.

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Hydra Bomb Body Cream

Rich and creamy texture envelops the driest skin with a hydration by giving relief and generates a feeling of well-being. The skin is soft, relaxed and regain its natural balance.

Hydra Bomb Body Cream2021-01-27T15:36:07+01:00

Hydra Slim Water

An active moisturizing water to hydrate and tone the legs, with a fresh effect. A water bomb that regenerates your tired or heavy legs.

Hydra Slim Water2020-10-22T10:10:11+02:00

Exfoliating face mask

This exfoliant face cream is perfect to gently eliminate dead skin cells. Your face is left incredibly soft and ready for the morning routine.

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Hydrating and purifying clay mask

This mask purifies the skin, minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections . The creamy clay is transformed into a fine foam when rinsed to gentlye liminate impurities. The skin looks velvety and hydrated.

Hydrating and purifying clay mask2023-01-03T11:03:22+01:00

Hair & scalp detox shampoo scrub

Innovative shampoo containing delicate and biodegradable exfoliants to help removing dead skin cells for a smoother and clearer scalp. The result is healthy and radiant hair.

Hair & scalp detox shampoo scrub2023-01-03T11:03:32+01:00