As we all know, the efficiency of a machine is a matter of care. Plungers, chains, and gears have to be kept solid and properly oiled to ensure long-term performances.

Fortunately, we have a heart and brain, so we are not simple machines (we are even more complex)! But in the end, it makes no difference: bones and joints’ health is the key to our performances, throughout the life span.

As time passes, tendons and joints could start squeaking. There is no need to worry: indeed, it is normal that Hyaluronan (HA) content in synovial fluid – joints natural lube – gradually reduces through the years and greasing turns out lower.

So…Run faster than aging and replenish the natural lubricant of your joints: jump to a higher level and rely on ExceptionHYAL® Jump! Fruit of a cutting-edge research activity, Full Spectrum Technology is ROELMI HPC flagship. A wide spectrum of different HA molecular weights specifically designed to support joint health through HA integration.

In fact, the innovative orally deliverable HA is a step ahead in joint treatments: it is an innovative and safe solution from within, distinguished for the ease of use and prompt efficacy results. ExceptionHYAL® Jump efficacy has been tested and confirmed by clinical trial and internal research. Every single HA molecular weight stimulates endogenous synovial fluid regeneration and exerts a lenitive effect on inflamed tissues. Its positive anti-phlogistic effect helps improving joint functionality, relieving from pain and limiting NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) intake too, improving physical performances.

Get ready for the pole-position!