Nature is colorful and its palette is amplified by biodiversity, with brilliant shades of multiform juicy fruits and rich cereals. Further, Nature is a wealth of valuable natural solutions for healthy living and enhanced beauty. Indeed, it falls into five different colors and each of them carries its own set of unique actives, called phytochemicals. Did they ever tell you to “eat a rainbow” of fruit and vegetables?

Active molecules are widely spread in several parts of plants, giving them that vibrant colors and gentle extraction technologies allow to sieve and concentrate these untouched natural compounds, preserving their innate properties. This way, Nature is fully valorized and respected.

These are the pillars whereon ROELMI HPC based the concept of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow, the pot of gold for “orange-peel” skin treatment and body slimming. Indeed, its range of natural actives coming from colorful fruits synergistically counteracts cellulite-derived skin imperfections, stimulating microcirculation, reducing fat storage and improving skin properties.

All the efficacy of polyphenols and anthocyanin gently extracted from black rice and red-orange is enriched with a pinch of proteolytic enzymes and dietary fibers coming from the yellowish and greenness shades of pineapple and kiwi, boosting formula’s efficacy and amplifying its positive effects for various applications.

As when the sun comes together with rain and a rainbow magically appears in the sky with its curvy and colorful profile, Nature always offers us its treasure without expecting anything in return. Further and further we discover how to fully benefit from it, to enhance beauty and support well-being. In ROELMI HPC we know that respect is the best way to be grateful to Nature, and reducing the impact on it, we further maximize its value.

Ride the way with us and do your bit to make the change.