The Apple is a fruit whose fame begun in the Garden of Eden, as the symbolic source of temptation and desire. A golden Apple tree was presented to Zeus and Hera upon their marriage, testifying that centuries later its myth still endures. Nowadays, Apple’s values remain, with its well-recognized nutritional and wellness benefits. Indeed, we all know that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

The Mediterranean roots of ROELMI HPC , together with its innovative research activity and sustainability commitment, both driven by high-level technologies, brought to great discoveries of Apple’s natural extracts efficacy in counteracting altered physical statuses and supporting well-being. Apple’s versatility is such a wide thing, and the same goes for its valuable discards, such as peels.

The tissues of this fruit are rich in polyphenols and ROELMI HPC individuated the perfect combination of dihydrochalcones, flavonoids and hydroxycinnamic acids. Among them, Phloridzin, Chlorogenic Acid and Quercetin  are the three functional elements of SelectSIEVE® Apple PCQ. Gently extracted from the by-products of the agro-food industry to collect all their natural power, it represents the approach of ROELMI HPC to the circular economy as the keystone to contemporarily valorize what Nature daily offers us.

It is said that shapes of natural fruits could reflect the part of the body they are good for, and the same goes for Apple, which is similar to the heart. Indeed, SelectSIEVE® Apple PCQ actively support cardiovascular function and modulates glucose metabolism and energy release. Additionally, it supports in case of menopausal symptoms and hyperuricemia.

By exalting the entire fruits value, while contributing to sustainability and Planet health, we gain natural phytochemical complexes for personal beauty and well-being, completing the circle.

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