Sustainability is more than a philosophical term. It is everyone’s need.
With this purpose in mind, here in ROELMI HPC we adopted NIP® PROGRAM established voluntarily and performed with a proactive behavior.

We believe that only the daily action in respecting the Environment could lead to a durable result. You can retrieve this message also in our iconic trademark wherein a water drop (essential for life) is represented the long pathway towards sustainability. We aim to protect the value of Nature and People in product manufacturing. We care about the environmental impact of our productions by adopting eco-sustainable processes and renewable raw materials aiming at preserving Mediterranean biodiversity.

Our program Nature is People lays in all products and technologies, and stands as a mission for every process focusing on Quality, People safety and Environment preservation.

Through the development of nutraceutical active ingredients, NIP® concurs to be:

  • N: Safe for Nature; adoption of upcycling and circular economy models
  • I: Innovative & efficient; natural selection for the highest healthy benefits
  • P: Safe for People; nutraceutical approach for wellness

From historical Italian experience in clinically tested natural ingredients for nutraceutical applications, ROELMI HPC supports the development of ethical and inclusive networks based on diversity respect, promoting sustainable production chains while giving an added value to food by-products.

It’s important to bear in mind that the single-action becomes winning only if supported by the interaction of the community. Join with us the sustainability

Join the NIP®!