The skin Microbiota is the set of all microorganisms that populate our skin and change in compositions during our life cycle. Chronic exposure throughout lifetime to UV rays, pollution and other substances negatively affects our skin microbiota. Our daily lifestyle can cause Dysbiosis to the population of our commensal bacteria, just think of too aggressive detergents used to remove make-up or to cleanse the face, or the use of protective devices such as masks that drastically alter the biodiversity of our skin microbiota.

Preserving the diversity of skin microorganisms plays an important role in defending the organism against the activation of immune phenomena that triggers inflammation. In fact, there is a finely researched relationship between skin microbiota and Exposome-induced damage manifesting as skin disorders including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or acne.

ROELMI HPC has developed an innovative ingredient with a Dermobiotic target able to maintain the osmotic balance and promotes an ideal environment to ensure the balance of skin microbiota. Æctive® has demonstrated with metagenomic tests, the ability to re-establish a situation of Eubiosis among the different populations of microorganisms.
We conducted an in-vivo test in extreme climatic conditions: the study was designed on volunteers living in Beijing where the air is characterized by a high rate of pollution.

The results obtained clearly explained that Æctive® is able to preserve the dysbiosis of the microbiota, above all by countering the damage induced by pollution.
Acting positively on the microbiota helps to counteract the damage induced by the skin Exposome improving skin complex and preventing all skin diseases correlated.