The skin represents a real shield against the environment and for this reason, is the part of the body most affected by the sun’s rays, in fact the most important damage caused by Skin Exposome is due to the solar exposure.
All the people used to apply sunscreen during Summertime neglecting the protective factors in winter, but it’s during the cold seasons that UVB rays are less intense and UVA continue to have a concentration that causes continuous damage to our skin. In other words, throughout all the seasons our skin is always exposed to the so-called photo-aging process.

The secret to protect our skin is to apply sunscreen every day but also the right cosmetic active ingredients to preserve the integrity of our skin by stimulating its natural immune defenses. This is so important to know because dysregulations of skin immune responses come in several skin disorders for example, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or skin spots.

ROELMI HPC has developed an innovative ingredient with a Skin immune defense target able to protect skin against Exposome damage induced by UV ray exposure. Coming from a finely studied combination of active molecules, ROELMI HPC offers SynerSHIELD Sun as a solution to prevent environmental stresses stimulating the skin immune protection and helping reducing the erythema of irritated and sensitive skin.

SynerSHIELD Sun is able to support the skin’s natural immune defenses by carrying out an immunomodulating action, it also helps fighting the oxidative stress compounds ( ROS ) diminishing their accumulation into the skin.
Sun-induced acute stress responses show upregulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the skin, SynerSHIELD Sun demonstrate a rapid efficacy in reducing this process to restore well-being into the skin.