Welcome to the ROELMI HPC Beauty Bar, with a special skin care cocktails selection, focusing on biotech ingredients able to preserve the skin’s bacterial flora.

“Taste” our formulas aiming at rebalancing the skin ecosystem and opening a new revolution for daily beauty routine. Amazing textures are conceived to activate the ancestral senses and efficacy-proven ingredients are developed to achieve long-term well-being and preventing the so-called “skin dysbiosis”.

FROM DUSK TO DAWN, face mask  

An overnight face mask with pastel shades to empower the skin microbiota ecosystem and support the skin barrier functionality.
It improves skin texture while you sleep for a smooth, nourished and glowing skin in the morning.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: light peach O/W emulsion
  • Smell: sweet peach and orange
  • Taste: sex on the beach cocktail
  • Touch: jelly cream texture
  • Sound: EquiBiotics® LRh (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: EquiBiotics® LRh, your biotique harmony

What else you need to know: Microbiota care, SOS treatment, Nourishing effect

MY LAGUNA BLU, face and neck cream

A hyper-fluid face and neck cream in an easy-to-use dropper, designed to support a pro-age daily treatment.
With a light feeling and fast absorption, it improves skin suppleness and elasticity with a deep hydration.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: pastel blue O/W emulsion
  • Smell: blue curacao and sugar
  • Taste: blue lagoon cocktail
  • Touch: hyper-fluid texture
  • Sound: ÆCTive® (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: ÆCTive®, your skin guardian

What else you need to know: Microbiota care, Skin anti-aging, Skin moisturizing

BECAUSE I’M HAPPY, face serum

A breath of freshness and energy with this super light serum and its sweet notes of lime and sugar. It helps to balance the skin ecosystem, for a more radiant, healthier and youthful look.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: pearly green hyper-fluid gel
  • Smell: lime and sugar
  • Taste: Virgin caipirinha cocktail
  • Touch: light texture
  • Sound: Ener-GY plus (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: Ener-GY plus, your smiling skin energizer

What else you need to know: Water-bomb effect, Skin energizer, Microbiota care

DRINKIN’ IN NYC, eye serum

A potent yet gentle serum to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines, hydrate in the entire eye area. In case of loss of firmness and elasticity, a red “elixir” for the skin microbiota, to support a radiant and relaxed look.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: magenta red viscous gel
  • Smell: n.a.
  • Taste: Cosmopolitan cocktail
  • Touch: jelly texture
  • Sound: PrincipHYAL® Cube (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: PrincipHYAL® Cube3, 2.0 Full Spectrum Hyaluronans

What else you need to know: Microbiota care, Jelly texture, Deep hydration

KISS ME, HONEY!, lip mask

A shine and rich texture with a warm honey aroma for an intensive all day long lip treatment. This super nourishing cuddle softens, smooths, and helps protect lips from dryness, for visibly plump lips ready to get kissed.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: caramel anhydrous butter
  • Smell: honey liqueur
  • Taste: whisky
  • Touch: extra rich texture
  • Sound: CeraFluid®  (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: CeraFluid®, antiaging easy-to-handle ceramide

What else you need to know: Lip treatment, Super-nourishing effect, Fondant texture