It’s nice to see you again the ROELMI HPC Beauty Bar! with a special make-up cocktails selection, where creativity and performances are built together for a new era of formulas.

“Taste” our make-up care formulas, aiming at unique textures and caring effects in a single product.


Color reviver lip balm with a comfortable texture, embellished with a scent of grapes. A daily formula for hydrated and sublimated lips that provides a hint red shade on your lips while replenishing the skin barrier.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: red stick
  • Smell: red fruits
  • Taste: wine
  • Touch: glossy finish
  • Sound: TechnoHYAL HyaPearl (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: TechnoHYAL HyaPearl, ultra-light emollient with dry and evanescent touch

What else you need to know: Lip plumper, Hydration, Shiny lips

“CHEERS TO CHEEK”, Highlighter

Luxurious highlighter in a sparkling champagne loose powder with delicate strawberry hints, for a perfect match on the skin. Designed for a luminous complexion that lasts, it also performs an elegant shimmer finish.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: pearlescent champagne loose powder
  • Smell: strawberry
  • Taste: champagne
  • Touch: impalpable sensation
  • Sound: Olifeel® Glow (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: Olifeel® Glow, glossy emollient with no-oily touch

What else you need to know: Radiant skin, Microbiota care, Glow finish

I SEE YOU, Eyeshadow

Precious eyeshadow with a velvet touch and intense red fruits colors shades. Highly pigmented pearl powder for a vibrant and metallic eye look on-the-go, with high-impact shine. Designed to get noticed.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: metallic magenta loose powder
  • Smell: n.a.
  • Taste: red fruits juice
  • Touch: silky texture
  • Sound:EMotion® Silky (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: EMotion® Silky, sensorial agent with dry and smooth touch

What else you need to know: Silky touch, Lighweight texture, Vibrant color


3-in-1 make-up product for lips, cheeks and eyes, conceived in monodose capsules. With creamy and light texture, it is characterized by high color lasting, easy color spreadability together with glowing appearance.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: luminous rose gold poured butter
  • Smell: peanut butter
  • Taste: peanuts
  • Touch: creamy & light texture
  • Sound: Olifeel® Pearls (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: Olifeel® Pearls, thickening & texturizing agent

What else you need to know: 3-in-1 makeup care, Monochromatic look, Creamy & light texture

JUST A YELLOW LEMON, make-up remover

Multitasking tonic “water” to eliminate impurities and makeup performing a cleansing and toning action on the skin. A gentle formula that helps the skin looking fresh and healthy, and deeply hydrated.

Formula’s features:

  • Sight: Clear pale yellow liquid
  • Smell: Salty citrus
  • Taste: tonic water
  • Touch: creamy & light texture
  • Sound: BeauSens® PG4 (watch the video)
  • Highlighted ingredient: BeauSens® PG4, gentle cleanser

What else you need to know: Gentle cleanser, Skin energizer, “Waterless”