Microplastic ban for rinse off products is almost here!

Italy has notified the UE regulation that starting from January 2020 we will not find any microplastic ingredient in products that are directly washed off into the water supply network.

And now, which is the eco-alternative?

ROELMI HPC gave birth to CELUS-BI® LINE an eco-friendly alternative to standard microbeads, that allows the formulation of cleansing products, without any impact on the environment and with a tested readily biodegradability.

Looking at rinse-off products, you definitely need to meet Celus-BI® Sphera.

Celus-BI® Sphera comes with the intention of creating a performing ingredient, while being sure that it is not a threat for the environment after its disposal, ideal to stimulate cell renewal and to exfoliate the skin, leaving it clean and pure.

Embrace the evolution of the “cosmetic species”.

This line of biodegradable cleansing agents represents the ethical & innovative opportunity for raw materials aiming at reducing the impact of cosmetic formulations. With Celus-BI® Sphera, it is now possible to replace plastic microbeads in rinse-off with a performing ingredient.
Sustainability and responsibility are here linked to develop a performing functional ingredient to enrich the formula with a natural profile.