And here we are to the most beautiful thing to see on this journey…Probiotics!

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can be assumed by diet or supplementation and exert a positive function within your body. Unfortunately, not all probiotics are created equal, in fact, different strains have different effects and some might have no effect at all!

Going further, it is really important to underline that even two strains belonging to the same species, could have totally different effects! Two different L. plantarum strains do not behave in the same way. Each probiotic strain is unique! So far, talking about food supplements, it is really important to choose the right supplementation selecting only scientific-proven strains.

Everybody knows that probiotics are friendly and they can work in a synergist way with other substances like prebiotics but be careful that some ingredients do not fit so well! Botanicals are an example, due to their high water activity which is one of the most probiotics feared enemies! High water activity can lead to the stability and shelf life of probiotic supplements. Thus limits the potential of probiotics not only in dietary supplements but also in food and beverage applications!

To overcome this hurdle, science and technology give us support! Thanks to tech innovations it is now possible to protect our strains from heat, osmotic pressure and acid or basic condition (let’s think about a pineapple juice, is it acid right?). How? Encapsulated them! Microencapsulation is a technique which covers the strain with a multi-layer coat composed by different material aiming to protect probiotics from any kind of harsh situation.

So now what? Let’s have a rest eating probiotics chocolate bar and take a look at ROELMI HPC lines of probiotic strains or microencapsulated one: SynBalance® and ProbiShell Lines!