To start this journey together, it is important to have a look at one of the players that makes this possible: Prebiotics! Nobody knows that prebiotics are microbiota n°1 supporter, but let’s start from the beginning.

Prebiotics are known as a non-digestible fiber that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit and they have an important role in the microbiota world.

You can easily find them in common food as chicory, jerusalem artichoke, bananas, almonds just to name a few. Their assumption is really important since prebiotics are responsible for the development of healthy gut microbiota with high diversity in terms of different microorganisms. Indeed, prebiotics are fundamental since they were used as a source of energy supporting the growth of the so-called “good bacteria”, those who help us to deal with daily business.

Moreover, products derived from their fermentation by gut resident bacteria are mostly bioactive molecules that have a crucial role in the immune response and in several metabolic processes. Although most common prebiotics are non-digestible fiber, not everyone knows that even heat-inactivated bacteria are a friendly source of energy for gut microbiota. Being inactivated, they act as nourishment, encouraging the growing of specific microorganism which concur to develop a healthy gut microbiota.

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