Our tour is coming to an end, but we can end with a bang! Today we are going to learn more about para-probiotics, what a strange name isn’t it?

For para-probiotics, we refer to “inactivated probiotics” or “ghost probiotics” and are defined as “non-viable microbial cells or cellular extracts, which when administered, confer a benefit to the host.

A lot of curiosity is behind these little monsters, since they can reduce the inflammatory response due to the interaction with the immune cells. Moreover, they protect us from infections through the interaction with the intestinal epithelium forming a barrier-like that prevents pathogens adhesion. Last but not the least, they also have a nourishing effect on gut microbiota being the meal of some good bacteria!

All of these beneficial effects are contained in a little inactivated microorganism. And what If we told you their potential topical application? Science couldn’t be more beautiful!

Before saying goodbye have a look at ROELMI HPC heat-killed bacteria, the SynbiOFF Line! Our days together come to an end but stay tuned for more scientific journeys!