Have you ever heard about microbiota… wait… or was it microbiome? Have you always get some issue in choosing the right word? Let’s start a journey together through the Microbiota world and you will enjoy free unlimited access to all its landmarks.

These terms were generated starting from microorganisms, and such hype is linked to the potential beneficial effects that they exert on our bodies; any community of microbes living together in one environment is called microbiota. As an example, the community of bacteria living in the gut is called gut microbiota and the same is for any other district of our body as skin, vagina, nose and many others.
To exert a positive role on our body our microbiota gives it a lot of information enclose inside bacteria genes: the whole microbes’ genes are called microbiome.

Each of us has its own microbiota and microbiome too! They are born with you and as you, can change during all the life stages. Sometimes your microbes could be affected by external factors as high-fat diet, antibiotics that could be damaging your health and them too. For this reason, it is important to keep a balanced microbiota, starting from the gut which is the most known, since it has the best condition for our microbes to grow.

Thanks to new technological discoveries, scientists have found more than thousands of different types of bacteria living in the human body which are important four your gut, heart, brain and almost any other organ. Some of them can help you in controlling blood sugar while others can protect you from pathogen infections. If they are balanced you are balanced too, this is eubiosis! On the contrary, dysbiosis reflects an ecosystem where bacteria no longer live together in mutual harmony.

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