For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness (A.Hepburn)

Thinking about personal care actions, most of us are used to have a skin routine, a démaquillage routine even a foot  beauty routine.. But what about your lips?

They’re always exposed, they’re prone to dehydration, particularly during the cold, windy winter months. The skin on the lips is also unlike skin anywhere else on the body: It’s thinner! So it’s important to take care of them and standardize a lips beauty routine able to maximize your actions.

Take a look at ROELMI HPC indie capsule collection for the lips treatment and you never come back!

First step: HYDRATION

The supply of water is fundamental so, don’t forget to drink your daily amount and arm yourself with our MY THERAPY LIPBALM; it will keep your lips cared and protected in every situation by providing long-lasting hydration. And don’t forget our COLOR & CARE MY LIPS, a creamy and velvet texture that enhances the lip with natural look while creating a perceivable second skin effect.

Second step: SCRUB

Just like face and body, the lips also need to be exfoliated, especially when the cuticles start to increase due to the cold. Scrubbing your lips is a basic part of lips care, not an extra! And we have the right person for you: LIP TREATMENT SCRUB. Lips feel smooth, soft and conditioned. It’s gentle enough to use weekly, or whenever the mood strikes

Third Step: COLOR!

Stand out from the crowd of greys and live your life in Technicolor dressing your lips with your best smile! Whether you like the colors or not, our capsule proposals explore the universe of lipsticks with two great characters:

On Fire lipstick is a creamy one locks in rich pigments, glides on effortlessly and delivers a soft finish in one stroke. Lips are left comfortable with non-drying texture. While, if you prefer a more classic (but never old!) approach you definitely need to meet DEMI MATTE LIPSTICK: Get beautiful, classic demi-matte lips in a flash with this highly-pigmented lipstick. Your lips are soft, elegant and comfortable.