What if the puzzle of Eco-Alternative could be completed?

European Commision is evaluating that in 4-6 years also leave-on products could be non intentionally added in cosmetic formulations.

So…Why wait? The future is now, feel it!

ROELMI HPC is proud of presenting Celus-BI® Feel, the result of a patented technology able to combine sinergically ingredients from sustainable resources.
The result is a performing multi functional powder giving formulators the opportunity to replace microplastics with sustainable sensory alternative.

Celus-BI® Feel has excellent performances as: Softness, Film-forming capacity, Seboregulation and… readily biodegradable!

Do not underestimate the value of anticipating innovation, make sustainability real now.

This technological sensorial sphere is the brand-new solution to formulate sustainably in cosmetics, maintaining or improving all the technical performances of standard, synthetic ingredients but replacing standard plastic powders like Nylon, PMMA, Polyurethane and Polyethylene. Its perfect balance between hydrophilic and hydrophobic behavior, make Celus-BI® Feel the ideal ingredient useful for both oil and water phase. It could be used in a various number of applications.