About 70% of the skin is made up of water and the remaining 30% of proteins, fats, minerals, and other substances. Its function is essentially protective: as a barrier, it acts against the aggressions of external agents, microorganisms and harmful substances. Despite being a real protective screen, the skin does not isolate the body but acts as a permeable filter to allow heat exchange with the outside while maintaining the right hydrolipidic balance.

The correct state of skin hydration plays a key role in the functional and aesthetic maintenance of the skin, especially on our face, the first mirror in interpersonal communication. A relaxed, harmonious and brightening skin is a synonym of a correct state of hydration.

With ROELMI HPC indie collection you will catch a show where Hydration is the masterpiece of our opera aria. Our Hydration plot is composed of 5 acts:

The main character of this scene is very light milk with a water touch that is able to give you a continue hydration during the day. The outcome? A reserve of water for your skin.

A true knight appears on the scene: Essential nourishment, super butter with a light touch that intensely regenerates the hydrolipidic film giving new vitality

The antagonist steps out on the stage and appears as aging spots but it has been held off from a magical ally: BUTTER FOUNDATION, A weightless foundation with a velveteen-matte finish effect that offers you a perfect skin. Dedicated to mature skin to minimize the dreaded aging spots.

Hydration is finally restored in the kingdom and with the FULLMOON SERUM, oily serum able to give an instant and intense hydrating boost to the skin, we can reduce the appearance of fine lines, boosts elasticity and put an end at our tale saying that:

They all lived happily (and Hydrated!) ever after.